Strip PDF Protection 4.0

Strip PDF Protection 4.0: PDF protection remover program to strip PDF protection & strip PDF password Use the most reputed PDF protection remover program to strip all the PDF protections like: copy, edit, modify, print. Now with this program users can strip PDF protection in just a few clicks. Strip PDF Protection software supports Acrobat version up to 9, even with 128-bit or 256-bit encryption. Try this PDF Protection remover program to strip PDF protection, strip PDF password, strip PDF security, strip PDF rights instantly.

CD Stripper 4.0.1: Copy songs from your CD player and save them onto your computer hard drive.
CD Stripper 4.0.1

CD Stripper copies songs from an audio CD in your computer CD player and saves them on your computer. Either strip the songs quickly or record the songs as you play them. The songs can be saved as MP3 files, standard Windows WAV files, or both. In addition CD Stripper will copy songs and sounds from any audio source that uses your computer`s sound card, such as a cassette tape player, microphone, or turntable.

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MP3 Strip_It! Digital 5.2

With MP3 Strip It!, digital music enthusiasts can rip, encode and convert their entire music CD collection into small WAV files allowing users to create custom compilation CD`s and get rid of those one-hit-wonders. MP3 Strip_It! Digital lets you create perfect digital copies of CD tracks and save them as .wav files or encode them directly to MP3 format using the bundled BladeEnc .dll. It also supports other popular MP3 command-line encoders.

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Photo Strip Maker – Capture 2 Pics In 1  1.1: With Photo Strip Maker you can take two different photos and then combine them.
Photo Strip Maker – Capture 2 Pics In 1 1.1

With Photo Strip Maker you can take two different photos and then combine them into one photo strip.Take the first picture and then take the second picture. This app could be very useful when you want to show multiple angles of some issue within one photo. For example during an accident, show some defects in workmanship, or just capture multiple photos during a vacation in one.

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Animator by Blaiz Enterprises 1.00.478

FREE - Compile horizontal image strip animations in 24 bit color (bitmap ) .san). Supplementary animation tool for Animated ArtCard Creations Package - Professional. Features: *Realtime WYSIWYG *Automatic Paste - automatically/continuously inserts clipboard images as new cells in sequence *Reverse - reverses sequence of cells within animation *Drag and Drop cell positioning *Definable Background Color *Export horizontal animation strips as 24

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DRMstripper - Strip DRM protection 7.6.5: DRM stripper and Strip DRM protection.
DRMstripper - Strip DRM protection 7.6.5

SoundTaxi is a useful DRM removal and DRM strip program which can convert your purchased or downloaded DRM protected music files to plain MP3, AAC (M4A), WAV etc, at high speed and high quality. Thus you can enjoy your music and audio files on MP3 Player, CD Player, iPod, iPhone and more, without DRM protection

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Deskloops is a friendly little program that helps you view and organize all the open windows on your desktop. Deskloops automatically aligns your windows into a virtual loop; spin the loop to the window you want. A drop-down Strip shows all your windows as thumbnails. From the Strip, you can do anything with your loop: save, organize and e-mail. You can see all your open windows anywhere anytime.

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